• Ask our nutritionist team anything you want and we will get back to you within 24 hours, guaranteed.

  • Our experts can guide you to achieve maximum nutrition, regardless of when you had your surgery.

  • Stop confusing yourself trying to find answers in Facebook support groups and instead ask your questions to trained professionals.

  • We can help address common problems such as weight loss stalls, weight regains, constipation, chronic fatigue, food intolerances, and anything else you might be experiencing.

  • Get personalized short-term and long-term weight loss goals.

  • Our nutritionists can recommend you specific recipes or meal plans to improve your unique situation and overall health.

  • Our team is formed by one registered dietitian and one nutritionist that are here to serve you at all times. You can learn more about our team by clicking here

  • Please be aware that as dietitians and nutritionists, we are able to provide you with personalized diet and nutrition related advice. If you experience any surgery-related complications that cannot be addressed by changes in your diet, we will recommend speaking to your surgeon or doctor.



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