What does our Membership include?

• RECIPES. Over 100 gastric sleeve-friendly recipes designed to maximize your nutrient intake and help you reach your weight loss goals, plus more added each month! Think of it as a self-updating cookbook :)

• MEAL PLANS. Access all of our meal plans, plus get new ones each month! These are carefully designed by our nutritionists to ensure maximum nutrient intake and include a weekly grocery list!

• UNLIMITED NUTRITIONIST SUPPORT. Ask our nutritionist team any diet-related questions you may have and get a response within 24 hours, guaranteed.

• POST-OP MEAL PLAN. Get access to our complete 6-month post-op meal plan. Designed by our nutritionist team for you to have a smooth recovery.

FAMILY RECIPES. Recipes for the entire family plus one to two gastric sleeve servings. All in one easy and delicious recipe.

EXCLUSIVE LEARNING MATERIAL. Get access to our When To Eat What list of over 200 ingredients and their recommended reintroduction date, so you can eat with confidence as you follow your post-op diet.


• Monthly Membership - $14.99/month

• Six-Month Membership - $11.99/month (20% discount)

• Annual Membership - $8.99/month (40% discount)

Cancellation Policy

We understand things can change. That is why you can cancel your subscription at any time without any additional fees. 


"We do all the heavy work and planning so that you can simply enjoy good food and watch the pounds come off."

- Sergio, Co-founder

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