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Please note that the Pre-Op diet is divided into two parts:

1. General Low-Calorie Diet: DURATION: Typically, 1-3 months prior to surgery. GOAL: To help you lose weight and better prepare you for surgery. This part of the Pre-Op Diet is not always required by your surgeon or doctor. Patients are able to eat regular food but are usually advised to keep calories at around 1,200 to 1,500 per day to achieve a solid pace of weight loss.

2. Clear Liquids Diet: DURATION: Typically, 48 hours prior to surgery. GOAL: Shrink the size of your liver and reduce intra-abdominal fat to minimize the risk of complications during surgery. Consists of only clear liquids such as water, broth, and fruit juice. No food of any kind is allowed during this stage. It is extremely important to follow this part of the Pre-Op Diet. Failure to complete it may result in your surgeon refusing the perform the surgery. Please consult with your surgeon to see how many days he requires you to follow this diet, as some requirements vary between surgeons. You can also contact are nutritionist team if you have any questions (Premium members only).

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